CARDAM was established in 2009 as the result of 8 year experience in cosmetic packaging business and deep knowledge of cosmetics market. Having long-term experience in imports of cosmetic containers from Asia and knowledge on Polish packaging market, CARDAM offered complete service as a packaging supplier.

In 2015 CARDAM merged with Roshard International Sp. z o.o. as a packaging division supporting manufacturing of private label cosmetics within Roshard's structures but still suppling its own customers with cosmetics containers and accessories as well as co-packing service.

Due to new business structures CARDAM's role became more complex with main focus on decreasing costs of containers from one side but to maintain the quality and to deliver unique designs from the other side.

As the result of new challenge and new situation on the packaging market in China (higher costs, order volumes and delivery timing) the company worked out absolutely unique offer for its customers. The new strategy solved most of key issues in packaging supply such as quality standards, delivery timing, unique design and price level. The main rules of the new strategy are:

  • Chinese price level for containers produced in EU
  • free moulds for customers' own packaging designs
  • short delivery time
  • exclusive representation of selected suppliers from Asia - wide range of unique packaging and accessories

 Individual approach to customers' needs allows us to prepare tailor-made solutions and to face every challenge in cosmetics packaging business.